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Animation: Two Characters and a setting​

For my latest brief, I must animate a short film about two characters in a certain setting. For this brief, we were shown examples from the show Tom & Jerry and the conflict between the two characters and how the setting contributed to this conflict. However, for my animation I want to have a more serious storyline, as previously my animations have had a more light-hearted comical plot and therefore I want to attempt something new. For my idea, my two characters will be a turtle and a scuba diver and the setting will be in the ocean. I want the plot to be relevant to the current plastic pollution crisis amongst our oceans. Therefore, the setting could include elements such as plastic bottles floating around and the main driving narrative would be the turtle being caught in this pollution. The scuba diver would help this turtle by helping him escape.

So far, I have a rough plot idea and have sketched out some character design ideas. I want the turtle to be a charming character who the audience can sympathise with and the scuba diver to be a more simplistic design, as I want the turtle to be my main protagonist for this narrative. I plan to animate using photoshop since I believe this will help me create an underwater environment as well as allow me to experiment with colour and style more easily.

My next steps are to begin storyboarding and then my animatic.

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