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Two Characters- Animatic:

For the animatic, I made some developments from the original shots that I incorporated in my storyboards. I added notes on camera movements (shown below) as well as experimented with the timings of each shot to see what worked best for the atmosphere I wanted to create. I want the start of my film to be rather slow paced to represent the long struggle the turtle is going through from being tangled in the netting however in moments such as when he attempts to reach the surface to breathe, or meeting the scuba diver for the first time, I want the pace to build as a way of amplifying the turtles struggle and fear of these situations.

I eventually decided how the audience will meet the scuba diver. In my animatic, I have the scuba diver swimming past in the background and as the turtle turns to look, the diver becomes hidden behind some rocks and coral. We then switch to the diver's point of view where he reaches for the turtle to free him, however, this scares the turtle and he proceeds to cover his eyes until he realises he has been freed by the diver. I think this will build tension and also show the turtles vulnerability in this situation.

My plan is to now begin animating the beginning of my animation in Photoshop, which will allow me to experiment with the setting and colours as well as start creating a depth-of-field effect in Adobe After Effects. This will allow me to gain an understanding of how long the animation process may take me and I can start to schedule and plan everything to ensure I get it finished.

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