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Week 5: Concept Art for Film Pitch

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

For the film pitch on Monday I've completed four pieces of concept art that I hope illustrate the idea, style and standard that I plan to achieve. During the period that I was creating these pieces I experimented with different methods and found that the concept art with the goldfish in the forest was the most successful. I included elements from the initial hand drawn pencil sketch I did on paper and overlaid this onto the finished sketch in photoshop and I really like the effect this added to the piece.

The feedback from the pitch also showed that this concept was liked most by the panel and I was advised to really explore the surreal elements I am thinking of incorporating.

I feel the area that still needs the most development is the narrative of my film. After the feedback from the pitch I was advised to be less safe and more ambitious with the narrative. Therefore, I will continue to work on and develop this however I feel the narrative will also continue to develop and change as I progress through the pre-production.

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