• Sam

Week 17:

This week I have completed all the shots in the environments and now I just have the ending to complete. Below I have attached the scene where the protagonist transitions from the forest to swimming underwater, before having his final transition back to reality with his head in the Fishtank. Sadly, I was not able to animate this scene in as much detail as I initially planned due to circumstances at home I wasn't left with as much time as I had originally scheduled to complete this scene. However, I am still pleased with how it looks and I feel it achieves the same effect I initially set out for in my animatic and concept art.

Alongside this animation is a snippet of the finished music which I am over the moon about. Swenn, the musician, managed to create what I feel is the perfect score for my animation and its really helped bring the animation to life! Finally, I will have everything complete by the 10th of May which will leave me time to continue to tweak and refine the last few bits before the 14th.

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