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week 3.2:Creating a scene at production standard

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

This week I have identified a scene I wish to re-create at production standard. This will allow me to experiment with different techniques and hopefully see if I can re-create my initial ideas and storyboards.

I have created a rough storyboard of the scene I plan to animate which is where the protagonist first steps foot into his new imagined world. The first location will be the Canyon and the camera will start at an extreme long shot and will quickly zoom into a close-up of the characters reaction to the canyon.

In this shot I plan to have the canyons fly past the camera as it travels forward to zoom in on the character. After discussing with Mike it seems the best way to achieve this is through Maya. Therefore my next step is to set up a rough scene and camera in Maya to rehearse the camera movement. I can then start animating the character and place him in the scene in Maya before starting any image projections of the environment.

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