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Film Pitch:

Pitch Script:

Start with overview:

My film idea is about a young boy whose dad is too busy to spend time with him, so he is put in front of an iPad to keep him occupied which seems quite common in this modern world.

But this doesn’t stimulate the young boy’s imagination and so he looks around the room to see what he can create from the objects around him.

And this is where his adventure starts

What I intend to show within that is:

The young boy will imagine and create different surreal environments that are all connected through objects in the room.

For example, the fish tank becomes the ocean, the plant becomes the forest and a pillow fort becomes the canyon. As the character focuses on different objects in the room one environment will interconnect with another which creates the surreal element.

Finishing with the little boy’s head fully emersed in the fish tank as he imagines himself in the deep ocean the father walks in. The father shouts his name and pulls him out of the fish tank which brings the audience back to “reality” with the young boy, to expose the now messy room.

At first the father gets angry until he has the realisation that he needs to spend more time with his son.

It will end with the two characters playing either in the imagined world or in reality, I am not completely certain yet.


I intend it to be approximately between 3 and 4 minutes

Primarily animated using Photoshop and Maya for the animation

3D to make the environments more emersive

I am going to try and bring stylistic elements from hand drawn on paper into the animation too.

The idea of the surreal environments relates directly to my own experience as a young child, I would always create these idealistic and dreamlike worlds and wanted to incorporate this into my film.

I hope this film will help me develop my skills further in combining 2D and 3D animation which I first attempted in my work last year for the Ray Harryhausen exhibition at Modern Art 2 and really enjoyed it so want to explore this further.

And of course, I will collaborate with a musician to create the perfect soundtrack.

The main premise is to showcase the limitless world of a young imagination and I believe my idea will accomplish this.

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