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Issues of representation: Documentary

I have started creating the animatic for my documentary film which will be about body representation in animation. Now that I have completed the storyboards, I have started to experiment with a coulour palette that I feel will work with the minimalistic style and overall premise of my documentary, which is to inform the audience of this issue. Therefore, I decided on a pastel palette of mainly pink and blue. Hopefully, the pastel colours will be less distracting than using vibrant colours, meaning it won't divert attention away from the information being discussed in the documentary. Also, I wanted to utilise Pinks and Blues as they seem to be predisposed to a certain gender. Pink being more feminine and blue masculine. Therefore, I plan to use pink during the male segment of the documentary and blue during the women. I felt although an obvious decision to make, that it would be fitting to swap the colours to help showcase that colour should have no gender.

Above is a screengrab from a section I am currently animating for the representation of the male physique in animation. I have maintained the same style I was using in my storyboards of clean lines and simplistic shapes. This style should help display the alterations to the shape of the character's body more obviously, in accordance with what the statistics suggest.

Alongside the animation, I am also writing a script for the documentary which will influence the animation. I have recorded a rough version of the script that provides me with a brief idea of the different cues and timings that I will animate to. However, I am still making alterations here and there to perfect the script before I record the final version.

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