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week 4: Projection mapping in Maya

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I have started to remind myself on the process of projection mapping in Maya to help prepare for when I want to use this technique in my final film.

I created a rough sample of a scene I plan to make at production standard, which will be the scene where the young protagonists first arrives in his new world in the canyon.

In the image below I placed 10 flat pillars, each representing a part of the canyon where I will project each individual layer of the canyon onto a different pillar.

I have also created a camera in Maya which will fly through the canyon as planned in my previous storyboard.

Below I have attached a playblast from the scene to showcase the motion of the camera (the red cylinder is the protagonist) and how the canyon layers will fly past the camera as it zooms in onto the characters reaction in close-up.

My next step will be to move to After Effects and experiment to see if I can create a similar effect by creating a 3D layer for depth of field and adding a camera to follow the same motion.

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