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Semester 2, Week 1:

To start the semester off, I first reacquainted myself with my animatic and started to set out the scenes I wanted to begin animating first. I wanted to set myself a diverse range of scenes so I that I won't become frustrated animating the same types of scenes during the process. Therefore, I chose two scenes, one from the start of the film (the reality) and one scene from the imagined environments.

To get me back into the swing of using my Wacom tablet again I first decided to start working on a background from one of the scenes. I found this helped re-familiarised myself with Photoshop and using my tablet again after working on my dissertation.

This scene is where the protagonists arrives at the end of the canyon cave which leads straight into a vast forest. The background isn't fully complete however I have began setting each layer into separate groups that I can later transfer into After Effects to create a depth of field and difference in focus.

My next step will be to begin animating the camera shot following this shot, where the protagonist first steps foot into the forest from the canyon. I feel this will be a slightly more straightforward shot to start my animation process and get me back into the swing of animation.

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