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Week 8: Starting My Animatic

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

After submitting the dissertation formative I began putting together the beginnings of an animatic for one of the scenes in my film. I am using camera perspectives from my previous storyboard of the scene of the fish swimming through the forest and the protagonists initial encounter with it.

I plan on having the protagonist stop suddenly as he sees the fish however it will be shown to the audience firstly through a reflection in his eyes. I feel this will create a sense of curiosity and build tension for the audience.

For some camera shots, I am working slightly out of the main 1920x1080 Frame size, to prepare for when I move the finished animations to After Effects. This will allow me to use depth of field and some subtle camera movements without having to rescale and manipulate the original drawings too much.

I plan on trying to complete this scene by the end of the week, alongside finalising the narrative. Once this is complete I will finish the storyboards and complete the animatic for the entirety of my film.

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