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Stop-Motion Animation

I'm almost near to completing the stop-motion side of my World in a Room project.

Before I began animating I took some measurements of the Character so that I could make him a chair chair from card, that I planned for him to sit in within my Animatic. I also wanted to make sure the coin I made him from card and clay was the same proportion to him as the coin in Maya would be. Once I had completed all this I began animating.

I kept the majority if my camera shots the same as I planned within my animatic with a couple of extra angles that I discovered would be effective during the animating process. The character was rather easy to shape and position for the majority of the animation however there were a couple of points where it became slightly challenging and took me a couple tries to 'perfect'. One of which was the characters walk, because you can't manipulate his feet his walk doesn't appear very natural, I couldn't position the 'ups' and 'downs' of his walk because of this, so his head remains level for the majority of his walk and his feet look as if they slap the floor. Aside from this, his walk is okay and I believe I've done the best I can with the joints the character had.

Next I need to finish the last shot of my stop-motion and then I can start editing it together with some of my animatic and Maya playblasts.

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