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week 3: Storyboard Development

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

After receiving feedback to adapt the story further I have started to develop a new storyboard. It was discussed that the story of the young protagonist might become dominated by the environmental aspect of the plot, therefore rather than start the film already within the environments, I will have the young protagonist at the start and end instead.

The young protagonist will have dismissive, middle class parents that leave him in a sleek, modern room in their home. The protagonist is left "playing" on the iPad his parents put in front of him however this is not stimulating for the protagonist. Therefore, he looks around the room for things that he can do and actively play with and create.

This motivates him to start creating a pillow fort with the cushions from the sofa. At this point, I am planning a short montage of the protagonist creating the fort and struggling to move each of the large cushions creating a cute and funny montage where the audience can start to connect with the character.

My new development had the fort act as the portal to these imagined, surreal environments. As the character crawls inside he is transported to these new places. He will be shocked at first and swiftly crawls back out in fear, but eventually builds the confidence to enter this "new world".

After receiving further feedback I was informed the idea of the fort acting as a portal could be a predictable concept for the audience. Therefore, I plan to have a brainstorm to see if I can discover any alternative avenues for the character to reach these environments. However, I feel the fort portal could be left for the audience to interpret whether it was a physical portal or just the character unlocking these environments through his imaginative play.

I am going to keep the concept of items in the room representing and connecting to each environment that the character explores, such as a large plant becoming the forest/jungle, the fort becoming the canyon and the fish tank becoming the ocean. The protagonist has nothing to play with except his iPad hence why he uses his imagination to create these worlds just from items in the room. For the end I like the idea of the modern and tidy room he was left in becoming a mess with soil from the plant on the carpet, books on the floor, pillows everywhere and a fish flapping on the carpet from jumping out the fish tank.

At this point, the parents could have a character arc and start to actually spend time and play with the young protagonist after discovering the state of the room from the protagonist just wanting to play.

I plan to have a brainstorm of more ideas to transport the character to these environments however I also want to identify a shot that I can start to experiment with and create at production standard to practice techniques and methods.

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