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Week 1.2: film idea

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

For my film, I’m going to have one main character that will experience and explore contrasting environments such as canyons, woodlands and the ocean.

These environments will be somewhat surrealist and fantastical in style.

The protagonist will be five to six years of age, however the character experiencing the environments will be an older version of themselves. The inspiration behind each environment, would link to objects in the room that the young character is playing with or fascinated by, such as a pillow fort becoming the canyons, a fish tank becoming the ocean and a plant in the room becoming the forest.

I am planning to reveal this concept right at the end of my film, where the protagonist will be performing a cliff dive as his older self however when he lands in the water it cuts to the young character with his head in the fish tank or, stood on top of his chest of drawers about to jump onto some cushions laid out on the floor.

We’ll then hear his mum/dad call his name in a panic and catch him before he jumps or pull him out of the fish tank and it as only at this point that it’s revealed to the audience that the protagonist was captivated in his imaginative play. 

Above is a selection of images that I have found that have inspired the concept of my film and the style I plan to utilise. My next step is to create some more concept art and develop storyboards to experiment with the narrative.

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