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Two Characters: Story development and Storyboards

I have sketched out my Storyboard for my two characters film and developed the idea further from my initial thoughts. Originally I had the idea of my protagonist the turtle having plastic caught on a section of his body, possibly his neck, however, I found this idea might be difficult to draw attention to when I come to animate it. Because this is one of the main elements that will drive my narrative I felt the impact had to be more significant, therefore I came up with the idea that the turtle could be entangled within some fishing-net. Because the story is based on a significant real-world issue, I want to make it clear what is happening, therefore I feel the fishing-net will be a more distinct way of expressing this.

My story involves having the turtle restricted to a small area due to the fishing-net restraining him and it will be the second character, the scuba diver, who frees him from this. I haven't storyboard to the point where he is freed from the fishing-net, as I want to start my animatic to get an idea of how long it will be with all the shots I've sketched so far and then I'll develop the ending that feels best for the time and pacing that I create from my animatic.

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