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Week 10.3: Shot at Production standard

I have been working on the initial canyon shot as my production standard animated shot.

For this shot I have used a mixture of Photoshop for my animation and artwork and then Maya for the canyons and animated camera. Previously I have experimented with this shot using after-effects and also using an animatic version of my character in black-and-white.

I am somewhat pleased with how this shot is looking however there are still elements that I will need to refine in the final film. Elements such as the slight pixelation at the start where the camera is close up on the protagonists eyes. I believe I can correct this by increasing the resolution of the character animation so that there isn't this issue when I bring the animation into Maya. Another issue is during the rendering process I use Maya Hardware 2.0 because this renderer appears to retain the quality of my original artwork however, it seems it also increases the contrast of the artwork significantly therefore I have cleaned this up the best I can in Premier.

Aside from this, I feel this shot has given me a good insight into what I can achieve using a mix of 2D and 3D and I will continue to experiment with this and incorporate other techniques such as UV mapping on the canyons.

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