• Sam

Week 11

This week I have been working on completing the beginning of my film up to the transition to the imagined environments. Below is the final finished shot just before the transition to the canyon and so far I am pleased with how it is looking.

However, when it comes to postproduction, I will need to ensure there is no obvious transition from Photoshop to Maya. To help with this, I will colour correct the final shot of the beginning scene to match with the character in the Maya renders. This will hopefully help keep the transition as smooth as possible.

For example, I have attached an example of the difference in colours and shading above. On the left is the character in photoshop and on the right is the character rendered in Maya. By comparing the two side by side, there is an obvious difference in colour and shading and I will correct this in photoshop to ensure that it blends together well to create as smooth of a transition as I can.

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