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week 11: Model Sheets

I am uploading my finished model sheets for my characters as they have developed from the initial character designs I had done at the start. Originally the protagonists was wearing a grey hoodie and white trainers however I felt I wanted to keep the clothing more simplistic and minimal since this would help him stand out amongst the environments he is exploring.

I have found that I prefer the white T-shirt and red shorts combination and I have also made him barefoot as I feel this creates more of a connection between the character and the environments.

The design for my protagonist is inspired by Lilo from Lilo and Stitch. As a kid, I loved this show and I imagine my protagonist being around a similar age to Lilo. Therefore, I have tried to include elements like the chubby cheeks and larger head and eyes.

Lilo's character has expressive eyebrows that move up and down her forehead quite drastically. I feel this makes her emotions more obvious for the audience and this is something I am trying to achieve with animating my character in my animatic.

As for the father in the film, I haven't done a full turnaround for his character, since we only see him from the front and the side. I have incorporated the protagonist beside him to show the difference in height and scale. I have also added an older version of the protagonist because I am unsure whether I will have the character become older when he is in the environments. This was something I did as a child, I remember when I was in imaginative play, I would always picture myself as older however, I am leaning more toward keeping the protagonist the same age throughout.

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