• Sam

Week 14:

This week I started working on the forest scenes and creating the transition from the canyon to the forest. Initially I was going to create a juxtaposition between the canyon and the forest by having the forest appear at end of the canyon, as shown in the initial concept below.

However, this would mean I would need to create another environment in Meyer to keep with the continuity of the canyons as well as other aspects such as ensuring the trees don't appear flat gainstthe 3D canyons. Because of this, I've made the decision to scrap this original idea due to time constraints. Therefore, after receiving advice from a one-to-one meeting, I came to the decision that I could achieve the same effect by just having a simple cut between the environments. One minute he is in the canyon and the next he is suddenly in the forest. Below is the over the shoulder shot of the forest, which is how I plan to reveal the sudden change in environments and I also want to alter the camera focus so the environment will first appears blurry before slowly coming into complete focus.

Aside from this, I have continued to work on animating the other scenes within the forest and plan to have these close to complete by the end of next week.

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