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Week 15

Updated: May 14, 2021

This week I worked on completing the animation for the scenes in the forest. However, the animation process took longer than expected therefore I plan to continue completing them into next week and I'm confident I'll get all the shots finished by the middle of next week. Throughout the scenes in the forest I have incorporated the hand drawn sketch effect that I initially created in my concept art and have tried to apply this effect throughout the forest scenes. I created this effect by incorporating some of my hand drawn sketches on cartridge of trees and later overlaying them onto the environments in photoshop. I really like the rustic look it creates and it adds a lot of texture and dimension to the trees.

Above I have attached my progress so far and edited the different shots together in premiere pro. After this is the chase scene on the plane where the protagonist becomes impatient with the fly and attempts to catch it. This scene is more active and lively than some of my previous scenes therefore I want to spend a decent amount of my time perfecting it before I render it.

This week I also found a musician to compose for my film who I previously worked with on a my second year film, so I'm very confident he will compose a great piece of music for my film. I have provided him with a cue sheet, the film so far with the animatic and key time codes explaining where I want the music to change and the feelings I want to generate in each scene.

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