• Sam

Week 2:

This week I focused on animating one particular shot to help get me back into the swing of animating again. The shot I chose was when the protagonists first steps foot from one environment to the next, with a simple camera shot of their feet. I decided to start with this shot because although it's a simple perspective, I find hands and feet more challenging to animate. It also gave me an opportunity to experiment with brushes to see what would help give a sandy appearance to the ground if the canyon and a mossy look to the forest floor.

Above is the animation so far and I'm quite happy with how it's turned out, I also added shadow which I feel really helped the character stand out from the background. I also incorporated some shading on the character, which is an element I am planning to keep consistent throughout film.

The next shot I am going to work on is from the start of the film where the audience is first introduced to the room where the protagonist is playing.

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