• Sam

Week 5:

This week I focused on working in after effects and experimenting with depth of field. Before this I had a one-to-one with Mike, to help me understand the cache file issue and set a limit to the space they can take up on my computer. I was happy to see this was easily fixed and because of this I am not as hesitant to use the software on my computer. Therefore, I can create the shots I originally planned to and hopefully this will help bring more life to the environments that my protagonist explores.

Above is the render of my experimentation with depth of field in after effects and I'm somewhat happy with how it's looking but I definitely see a lot of areas that can be tweaked and improved. I need to alter the lighting in photo shop to darken the canyons to create more of a silhouette to match the silhouette of the protagonist, and to ensure the audience is more drawn to the forest at the centre. I also want to experiment with camera focus to slowly reveal the forest rather than all elements being revealed at once.

This is a screen grab of my process in after effects, I made each individual object such as each canyon and tree on separate layers so they could be separated later on in After Effects. This technique appears to have worked well and I plan to continue using it for some other shots later on in my film.

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