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week 5.2: Artist Research

After receiving the helpful feedback from the pitch, one of the pieces of feedback was to further investigate the Surrealism element of my film. I was recommended the artist Shaun Tan who I have since researched. I mainly investigated his surrealist art from his book Tales from the Inner City and I feel completely inspired by the surreal concepts he has created.

I have compiled together three pieces in particular which caught my attention. "Fox" - the piece of the fox jumping on the bed in the forest, "Love"- the two giant snails in the city and "The Vision" - the stag and dear looking through to the city below. I really like the juxtaposition between nature and industrialisation in all the pieces and from my interpretation I feel the industrial almost invades nature and seems out of place and this is a theme I want to recreate in my film. The idea of my different environments merging together and interconnecting as they transition to create a surreal moment where things seem out of place.

I sketched this rough concept inspired by "the Vision" where the protagonist will reach an exit from the canyon which will lead directly into a vibrant green forest almost like a window or portal to another world.

Another artist that explores this concept is Jeremy Miranda with his work called "Oregon Ladder" (pictured below). I personally really like the idea of something as simple as a ladder having the ability to transport you to completely different environments. I interpret these pieces as showcasing a completely new world beneath the ocean and the abrupt transition between the two is a concept I want to experiment with also.

As well as these two artists, the first artist that inspired my initial surreal concept art was Shuichi Nakano with his surreal art of giant aquatic animals swimming above the city. the pieces "NAGOYA swimmers", "Forgetting the way home" and "Chill at 5:25" (all pictured below) are the main pieces to inspire my first surreal concept art of the giant goldfish swimming through the forest. His artwork showcases a simple concept however I feel the realistic way it is painted is really effective and makes the surreal concept seem almost real and normal the longer you admire the pieces.

This was my sketch inspired by Shuichi Nakano. The idea for this shot is to have the fish swimming through the trees as the protagonist moves from the houseplant to the fish tank in reality. I plan to have the trees start to sway and become seaweed as the character floats up and the forest transitions to become the bottom of the ocean. This is a transition I plan to storyboard and I am currently brainstorming other surreal moments I can incorporate within the other environments and I am really excited to develop these surreal elements of my film.

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