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Week 6: Storyboard thumbnails

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

I've been creating some rough thumbnail storyboards to allow me to visually experiment with different ideas for the beginning of my film. My film needs an anecdote to lead into why the protagonists wants to and has to utilise every day items as a way to stimulate his imagination. I had the idea that at the start we could focus on the key objects that relate directly to the environments that he will create n his mind, such as the fish tank and the plant. One idea is to have the young protagonist playing and running around the room with a toy plane however he trips and the toy breaks and his dad comes rushing in to check on him. However, instead of picking up his toy and helping him fix it, he instead dismisses it and puts him in front of an iPad to keep him occupied/distracted.

To show the audience how unstimulated the protagonist is by technology, I had the idea that he could be easily distracted by something as simple as fly, which eventually would lead to him leaving the iPad completely and finding something else to keep his mind entertained, leading to my previous storyboard where he decides to build the fort which transports him to these environments.

Elements such as the broken toy plane and housefly, are both components I can incorporate into the surrealism of the imagined environments. For example the toy plane could appear as a plane crash in the middle of the forest like this Abandoned Jet in an Indonesian Forest pictured on the left. The fly could appear giant like the fish in my previous concept and depending on how the protagonist reacts to the fly in reality, this could inspire how he reacts to it in this imagined world. Whether he runs from it, admires it or tries to kill it, I feel something like this would allow my film to feature more action and adventure as he explores the environments which may help keep the audience engaged.

I will continue to experiment with these ideas in more thumbnail storyboards until I am fully satisfied and convinced by the ideas and have received feedback on these newer components.

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