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Week 6:Formative Assessment

For the majority of last week I prepared for the formative assessment on Monday and started to accumulate the sections I had completely animated and cut them alongside shots from the animatic. I feel this will help illustrate how my film is coming along and how well it's relating to the initial ideas in the animatic.

Above are the shots I have completed for the beginning of my film and I am quite satisfied with how they look. I feel like the shots showcase some of the key objects well, I just have to make the connection between the sofa and the canyon and hopefully as the film progresses the audience will pit two and two together, and realise the environments relate back to the objects/things in the room.

Above are the other shots are completed towards the middle of my film. However, the first shot is not fully complete, as I need to go back into Maya to tweak the canyons in the renders and also go back into photo shop to animate the character fully and reduce the pixelation. Aside from this I feel the shots are looking good and I'm also satisfied with how they are coming along. However, with the shots in the environments I'm going to spend more time in post production to further enhance the environments and add small details like light reflection and depth of field.

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