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Week 7: Thumbnail Storyboards

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

This week have started to create a rough storyboard on one of the real transition scenes within my film. The transition is between the forest (plant) to the ocean (fishtank) which is based on my initial piece of concept art of the giant goldfish swimming through the trees. My idea for this scene is to first reveal the goldfish as an orange glow as a reflection in the eyes of the young protagonist before the audience is then shown what the protagonist has discovered with the fish swimming through the forest. As the fish swims closer to the boy and he goes to touch it, the trees start to move and sway like seaweed and he begins to lift off of the floor. This initiates the transition between the two environments.

As he begins to float the fish follow him up until eventually he breaks the surface of the water above him. This will then transition to reality with the young boy and his head submerged in the fish tank as we hear his father shouting his name before quickly pulling him from the tank. This will be the point when we the audience, are brought back to reality and exposed to the now messy room from the boys imaginative play and the connections between objects and environments.

I still feel there is a need to further refine the storyboard for this scene before I start an animatic, since I feel I want to include more abstract camera angles that will help feed further into the surrealist aspect.

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