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Week 9: Projection Mapping in Maya

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

This week I have started working on projection mapping my first canyon scene into Maya. The scene will have the camera zoom through the canyons onto the protagonists reaction to suddenly stepping foot into this new world. Previously, I tried creating this scene in After Effects by creating depth of field between the layers of my original artwork and having the camera zoom in on the character. However, I wasn't satisfied with how it looked as it still appeared flat and lacked depth. Therefore, I am recreating the same scene using Maya and projecting my artwork onto canyon models that I have sculpted. ⬇️

Whilst projecting my artwork onto the canyon models, I found that creating a substantial amount of depth difficult due to the fact that I am using a projection so the material doesn't move with the object. However, I still managed to add some distance between the separate canyons.⬇️

I also incorporated the image sequence from my previous animatic of the protagonists reaction when he first arrives in the canyons, which allows me to position the camera correctly and keyframe it at the right moments.⬇️

With the canyons in place and the background and floor and then created the camera and started to keyframe its motion and the path I wanted it to follow before tweaking and finalising the movement in the graph editor.⬇️

My next step will be to render this scene using Maya Hardware 2.0 since this renderer seems to retain the quality of my original artwork whilst also adding the 3D effect.

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