• Sam

Working in MAYA:

I have started creating the key poses I sketched out previously and shaped them into my rig in Maya. The first scene that I have key-framed is the 'coin flip', where my character sits at the centre of the room flipping the coin before accidentally dropping it and the coin rolling away. Previously, I've animated a bouncing ball in Maya however animating this character is much more complex. He has multiple joints you can rotate and move which all need to be key-framed by electing them all through the outliner. Therefore it's taking more time to complete than the bouncing ball.

Above is a screen grab of my project so far. I have set up a camera at an angle I planned previously in my animatic. By setting up the camera whilst I keyframe I'll be able to tell if the actions and movements translate as well through the camera angle I want.

Once I've completed the keyframes for this scene I'll move over to the graph editor to smooth and refine the movements as well as adding the dynamic I want to each movement by adjusting the curves.

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