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World in a room

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

For World in a Room I had the idea of using an object to cause the two characters to come into contact. My idea revolves around my CGI character being sat against the wall flipping a coin which he accidentally drops. The coin then falls to the floor and rolls away making its way under the door joining the two rooms and into the Stop Motion characters room.

The Stop motion character is sat reading in his chair and the coin rolls and falls against his foot. The SM character then picks the coin up and begins to look around to find where the coin has come from. During this point the CGI character is putting his ear up against the door listening in to what's going on whilst building the courage to knock on the door to get his coin back. He eventually knocks on the door and the SM character opens it.

So far I've sketched out some rough thumbnails of what will be happening in both rooms and how they'll intertwine with each other. My plan is to now start a rough animatic to help me work out timings and camera angles before I get to actually animating.

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