• Sam

3ds Max Chair design

For the design of my seating for the interior of my UFO I wanted to create a futuristic design. The overall shape of the chair was similar to my original sketch designs with a few altercations. I wanted the chair to look as if it was defying gravity with its angular shape and hovering headrest. Again I kept the design minimalistic and in keeping with the rest of my minimalist style interior.

To make the seating I started with multiple rectangular shapes and converted each into 'Edible Polys' to create the ... shape. From there I began moulding three more shapes using the FFD tool which enabled me to curve and mould a rectangular shape into a more cushion-like shape. I then placed these shapes onto the headrest, backrest and seat of the chair. Overall, I feel the design is futuristic and in keeping with the theme I am trying to achieve.

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