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Finished ufo Interior:

These are some final renders of my finished UFO interior. After completing the control panel and the seat designs, I then focused on designing the rest of the area. As I mentioned in previous blog entries I wanted to try and experiment with glow. Therefore, I added white strips along the floor leading up to each of the individual seats and on the wall and permitter of the entranceway. I then selected the glow option on the material settings, which alters the luminosity and colour bleed when I create my renders.

When creating the renders I discovered the lighting I had added interfered with glow effect I wanted to achieve. So I had to spend some time altering the lighting I added to allow the glow effect to be more prominent. The first render on the left really shows the glow effect I wanted to accomplish because I removed some of the lighting. However, this meant that in other renders it became difficult to see the seating and control panel when I changed camera angles. This meant I had to finds a balance between the glow and lighting and I believe I achieved this in the last render on the right.

In the second render I was able to showcase the reflective material I added to the floor. You can see the glow and seating reflecting onto it, as well as the stars from the space environment I added.

Overall I am happy with hoe my final UFO interior looks and feel I have achieved the contemporary look that I originally intended. Next I plan on adding this interior to my original finished UFO design.

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