• Sam

Finished UfO and interior renders:

Below are the final renders of my UFO with interior.

I added my interior design with the glass dome at the centre of my UFO. I had to alter the centre on my UFO to fit my interior by hollowing out the centre and raising the perimeter slightly so that the interior and dome would slot in nicely. I then adjusted the materials and lighting on the exterior and interior so that both would stand out during the renders.

I also added the glow effect to the lights circling the perimeter of my UFO and a spotlight above my UFO to help light it up and help it stand out from the space environment.

Overall I am very happy with how everything has come together and feel the final look of my UFO looks almost exactly how I envisioned. I feel it really does look like a UFO against the space environment and with the added lighting and this final outcome has showcased to me how much I've learnt and developed in 3Ds Max.

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