• Sam

3D Modelling first ideas

So Far I've brainstormed some design ideas for the interior of my UFO. As there are multiple objects inside I want to ensure I maintain a minimalistic look throughout.

My first idea was a circular table at the centre inside the glass dome and would have futuristic chair designs around it. This idea was based more from the designs I saw in the Star Trek Voyager. I also wanted to put a hologram at the centre of the table and would then try and figure out this effect in 3Ds Max.

However, I struggled to then figure out what I could then do with the empty space that would be available around the table. Therefore, I experimented with a second idea which I designed to flow more with the spherical shape of the dome. The control panel would curve around the parameter of the dome and then I'd have 3-4 seats all facing the same direction with a door leading into the dome from the back.

I'd imagine in my second design that if this UFO were to actually move, that the Dome and interior would remain still as the rest of the UFO would turn and tilt as it hovered and moved.

I now plan on taking my second idea into 3Ds Max and seeing if I can create this design in the program and from there I will continue to experiment and develop the design further.

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