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3D Modelling with 3Ds Max

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

My first brief with 3D Modelling is to create an object and Geo-locate it in any location using Google Earth. My idea for this brief is to create a simplistic UFO concept using 3Ds Max and then geo-locate it above Stonehenge. My reason for choosing to create a UFO and Geo-locate it above Stonehenge is because I want to play into some of the many alien conspiracy theories surrounding this historical landmark. Within my research I've found out each stone averages around 20,000 kilograms which of course sparks the question of how they managed to move and balance these incredibly heavy stones on top of each other? This is what led to the Alien conspiracy theories, similar to the ones associated with the Pyramids of Giza.

These are two sketches of my different ideas for the UFO I want to create in 3Ds.

The first idea I kept simplistic by using basic shapes and keeping to the more 'traditional' UFO concepts. However in the second design I gave myself more creative freedom and experimented with complex shapes. I found inspiration for my second design in the film Independence Day, because i prefer the films concept of harsher angles and triangular shapes.

After creating these designs I found I was more drawn to my second design due to its more unique structure and therefore I plan to try and re-create this idea in 3Ds Max.

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