• Sam

3Ds Max - Glass Dome

Now that I've sketched out the final look for my UFO interior design, I've started transferring it into 3Ds Max. So far I've created the basic shape of the interior by converting some of the basic shapes into edible polys and bending the shapes using the bend tool, to create the spherical curve around the perimeter which will act as the control panel.i also added two flat cylinders at different levels, to act as the floor and a step down to the control panel.

One I completed the basic shapes of the interior I then got round to adding the dome over top and then experimenting with different materials in the material menu to create the see-through glass look. I then had to generate a few renders to ensure the glass remained transparent so that you could see the interior in the renders.

Next I plan on making the control panel by adding different shapes such as rectangles and spheres to act as buttons.

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