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3Ds Max - Texturising and UV Mapping:

I have been finding texturising and UV Mapping to be quite challenging as theres a lot of steps to ensure your material is composited onto your object correctly and neatly. To experiment with these features I've developed one of the paper models I made in 3Ds Max. The object itself is very simplistic and therefore made things slightly less complicated when it came to UV Mapping the material onto it. I ended up having to UV Map each face individually because I encountered an issue when adjusting each face, as it would mirror the material and adjustment on the opposite face also causing it to not resemble the physical paper model..

Above is the final render of my model. I am happy with how it turned out however there are still some elements that need to be adjusted such as the divers belt doesn't connect all the way around. I can correct this by adjusting the UV Map.

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