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3Ds Max - ufo Control Panel

Before I started creating the control panel I wanted to edit the materials of the curved desk. I wanted the material to be a glass with reflective qualities so that you could see the colours of the button reflect onto it. To do this I went into the material editor and altered the material to glass and experimented with the transparency and luminosity. Overall I feel this achieved the minimalist look I want to create.

Once I had completed this I moved onto creating and placing each if the shapes w

that will act as buttons. My plan was to create one plain filled with different shaped and coloured buttons and I would then clone that plain four to five times and slightly alter each clone by their colours or adding more shapes.

This seemed to work rather well and saved me from having to add each individual button over and over again. After this I started experimenting with lighting. I added lighting that would emphasise the shapes and dimensions of the buttons and give it contrast.

On the right is how the render came out. The desk lost it's white colour due to the transparency of the glass material, however I prefer how the render has turned out and believe the bright white of the desk would've drawn away from the contrast of lighting I created to enhance the buttons on the control panel.

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